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Participate in the car dekho contest and stand a chance to win free amazon gift vouchers from CarDekho. To enter this contest participants need to Share his/her ”bahana to go for a drive in the rain” story in the contest post comments section and one lucky person will win Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs.6000*!

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  1. My bahana to go for a drive in a rain is … I usually went out for a tution classes but in actual me and my frnds bunk the classes and went out for a drive in rain and we did alot of masti at that time …had maggie and hot choco lava cake …was the best thing we always had in our rainy drive …

  2. The floating clouds and the drizzling rain that give birth to the sweet smell of soil lightens the extinguished candle of my heartbeat and fills me with the zeal to dance in the music of these raindrops. Going for a long drive in the frisky monsoon is somewhat akin to taking a flight to heaven. Would be glad to share with you all the “bahana” I generally use to go for the splendid drive. Whenever the rain whispers its pitter- patter sound in my ears, I am not able to stop myself from discovering an execuse to let myself go out for a drive in the monsoon. Usually, I cleverly ask my parents to allow me to join my friends for the group study at my friend’s place saying that the monsoon and the spicy group study provides me the zeal to study more aggressively. And, before the word ‘ study’ slips out of my mouth, my parents don’t even think for a minute and give a positive reaction and thereby ask my bro to drop me at my friend’s place. And, hardly had I reached, I just run out for a drive with all my mischevious soulmates driving my friend’s car in the world of mischief and ecstasy. That impish lie makes me rejoice in the shower of happiness. We are always upto movies, street golas, golgappe and the “Rajendra Chat” that waters my mouth before we reach there to have it.
    I know that we don’t value these incredible moments now but when we’ll grow up apart , definitely these impish lies and the spicy moments will be the stuck in our hearts in the form of unforgettable and cherishing memories.


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