FreeNAS Giveaway Chance To Win Computer(DIY NAS: 2017 Edition)


Enter this FreeNas Giveaway and get Chance to win a ultimate powerful computer for free.

How To Play:

Entering is a simple process, visit the DIY NAS: 2017 Edition page and complete the widget at the end of the blog (or the widget on this page below) for any of the following four entries.:

  1. Follow @briancmoses on Twitter.
  2. Retweet Brian’s DIY NAS: 2017 Edition tweet.
  3. Subscribe to Brian’s mailing list.
  4. Subscribe to Brian’s RSS feed.
  5. BONUS (for completing all 4 of the above) Refer a friend and get an additional entry when they join the #FreeNASGiveaway.
EligibilityGiveaway Ends
Worldwide15, May 2017

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Giveaway Rules:

  1. I Make the Rules: Since I’m paying for the hardware, putting it together, configuring it and taking care of shipping it to the winner, I get to make the rules. I also get to change the rules if it turns out that the rules are stupid.
  2. Do Not Spam: Nobody likes spammers, especially myself. If I see a bunch of people retweeting/sharing from newly created accounts, I will ignore those entries.
  3. A Maximum of 5 Entries per Person: This goes in line with Rule #2 a bit. Everyone gets up to 5 entries, no more.
  4. Be Patient: I’m just as excited to give this thing away as you are to win it. However, both FreeNAS and blogging are hobbies; naturally real life often takes precedence over hobbies.
  5. AS-IS: I will have spent a lot of time assembling the computer, trying to burn it in looking for hardware defects and configuring it. I’m making every effort to ship out a fantastic NAS to the lucky winner. However, in the event something fails or you need help with something, you’re going to be mostly on your own. If down the road, you need some help with some bad hardware and you’re working through an RMA process, I may be able to provide you copies of the original receipts. If you’ve got some questions, I’d be happy to help and answer the best I can, but please don’t think that there’s some sort of warranty on either the hardware or software.
  6. Outside of the USA and Canada: I will foot the bill for shipping within the USA or Canada. I will also contribute significantly to shipping it outside of those regions, but depending on cost, I may require some help paying for the shipping. If it’s incredibly expensive to ship, I may ask for you to chip in and split the shipping costs. If FedEx or UPS won’t ship to your location, I may need your help picking a reliable and trustworthy shipping company. If you don’t want to share some of the bill on shipping, feel free not to enter in the giveaway. Please also keep in mind that the hardware will be built to work with the electrical system in the USA, so you may have to swap out the power supply (or more) in order to get it to work outside of North America.
  7. See Rule #1 and Rule #2: These are important.


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