Giveaway!! Win a Litelok® Gold Bike Lock!


Litelok® Gold bike lock Giveaway:

We’re giving away you the chance to win a Litelok® Gold bike lock – any colour! All you have to do is submit your name and email address.Three lucky winners will each get a Litelok® Gold: the world’s lightest, flexible Gold security bike lock.

Bonus Tip #1: You can massively increase your chances of winning by getting your friends to sign up too. For each friend you sign up, you will get an extra 10 entries!

Bonus Tip #2: If you reach 100 entries and don’t win, we’ll throw in a FREE surprise anyway. Want to know what the surprise is? Go get your friends and we’ll tell you 😉

  • Eligibility– Open To Worldwide.

  • Giveaway Ends– 16 April,2017

  • Giveaway Prize– Litelok® Gold bike lock

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Watch Our 30s Introduction

A lock you’ll love

What is Litelok® Gold?

Litelok® Gold is a new bicycle lock, made using layers of innovative materials that make it light, flexible and strong. Litelok® Gold can withstand sustained attack from common theft tools (like cable cutters, bolt croppers, hacksaws) for well over 5 minutes, which is vastly longer than most bicycle locks.

Why should I trust my bicycle with a Litelok® Gold?

Litelok® Gold has been independently tested by the UK’s most reputable bike lock testing organisation: Sold Secure. Our lock has achieved their highest security rating known as Sold Secure Gold, and is the lightest, flexible bike lock to have achieved that rating.

Our street testing video shows how a single Litelok® Gold performs against sustained attack from common theft tools. Watch the trailer below.

How is Litelok® Gold better than any other U-lock / chain lock?

U-locks are not flexible. Litelok® Gold is flexible so that you can lock your bicycle around more things. Chain locks are flexible, but are typically heavy and most can be cut easily with bolt cutters. Litelok® Gold can’t.

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