Men’s Genuine Silver Bracelet Giveaway


How To Participate:

  • One entry per person per e-mail
  • In the event that someone that you refer wins, YOU WIN THE EXACT SAME GIFT AS WELL!!!!
  • Once we reach 700 entries, we will increase prize pool another 2 prizes.  For example: we receive 720 entries, we will have 4 (FOUR) prizes, two for the ones whose names are drawn, and two for the names of those individuals referring the winning names.
  • We will repeat Step 5 as many times as necessary.  For example:  1401 – 2100 entrants means a total of 6 (SIX) prizes.  3 for the names that are drawn, and 3 names that referred those winners.  2101 to 2800 entrants means a total of 8 EIGHT) prizes.  4 for the names of the winners, and once again 4 for the names of the individuals referring the actual winners. and so on.
  • While there is only one winner per e=mail entrant drawn, there is NO LIMIT TO THE
  • AMOUNT OF TIMES YOU CAN WIN AS THE PERSON DOING THE REFERRING.  In the rare event an individual doing the referring, referes two or more WINNING NAMES, yes two prizes will still be awarded to this same individual.
  • Eligibility- Giveaway is Open to all USA, Canada Only.
  • Giveaway Ends- March 12th,2017
  • Giveaway Prize- Men’s Genuine Silver Bracelet



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