Play ABP News KBM Contest And Get Chance To Win Cash Prize Money(1 Lakh)


Play KBM Contest To Win Cash Prize:

Take Participate in this contest and stand a chance to win cash prize money Rs. 1 Lakh.This Contest is organized and managed by ABP News Network Private Limited and starts from 9th February, 2017. The contest will be run everyday from 9th February -9th March, 2017.

Contest Eligibility- Open To India Residents Only

How To Participate:-

ABP News ‘KBM contest’ over SMS:

  1. Contest will be available on 509093 (for all private Operators) all subscribers of above mentioned Operators and circles.

  2. Everyday (9th February,2017 – 9th March,2017), a question will be displayed/asked on ABP News channel atleast 6 times during the day. The response to the questions to be sent by SMS by typing ABP<Space>option (as told on the channel)

  3. SMS charges will be applicable as follows:

    • All : Rs 3 per Sms

  1. Further, the winner will be the rightful user of the winning phone number and not the player, if such player is not the rightful user of such a number. If the winner is not able to provide sufficient evidence to show that he/she is the rightful user of the number, Service Provider or ABP News reserve the right to award the prize to the next eligible winner.

  1. PRIZE: Winner will be chosen at the end of contest. Winner gets a chance to win one lakh as prize money on which applicable TDS will be applied.Apart from pize money,winner also stands a chance to join the panel for discussion on counting day (11th March,2017) in ABP News room.

  1. WINNER SELECTION:  Viewers will need to sms their answer to 509093. Person who gives most correct answers over a span of 30 days of contest will be selected as a winner.ABP News Network will contact the selected winner through their phone number seeking the required details as below mentioned. The required details must be sent to within 2 days failing which the contestant shall be rendered ineligible and there shall be a roll-over of the prize (see clause 12 & 14) to the next eligible winner.



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