SkyBags Contest: Play Back To Back Online Game To Win Prizes


PLAY BACK TO BACK Online Contest Game:

Enter this Skybags online game contest and stand a chance to win prizes every day(Gaming Console, Skybags Goodies). This contest will run for a period of up to 14 days and is open to all legal residents of India. The Contest invites participants to play the Play back to back game, set a high score and defend it until the end date of the contest. The participants will be awarded prizes based purely on merit. i.e Their scores. Each participant can enter in the Contest multiple times throughout the duration of the Contest. However, frequency of participation is not a criteria for victory.

  • Eligibility– Open To Indian Residents Only.

  • Contest Ends-20th April, 2017

  • Contest Prize– Gaming Console, Skybags Goodies.

How To Play:

To enter users will be required to play the play back to back game after logging in via Facebook on the microsite created for the same. i.e.

Judging and Selection of Winners:

Judging criteria: Each entry will be evaluated and scored based on the following
  • The Grand Prize winner will be whosoever sits at the #1 spot on.
  • the all – time leader board at 11:59 PM of the end date of the contest.
  • The Daily winner will be whosoever sits at the #1 spot on the daily leader board at 11:59 PM Daily.

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