Win Free Dslr Camera From Nikon [I am ONAM-SOME Contest]


Join the festival of season with nikon and stand a chance to win free dslr camera for yourself. This year, Celebrate Onam by gifting a Nikon D-SLR to your loved one. All you have to do is tell us why!

Important Rules

    • Nikon India implements all necessary processes to ensure clearness, impartiality and equal opportunity. If you are using the help of any illegal, unauthorized and unfair ways, software, codes etc, your entry for the contest will be immediately cancelled.
    • The photos submitted by participants would be subject to screening and can be removed if found violating mentioned guidelines or on any other ground as per Nikon India’s discretion
    • Late, illegible, incomplete, defaced, objectionable, obscene or corrupt or non-relevant entries will not be considered

Contest Participants

    • By entering the Contest, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you in your entry is true, accurate and complete in every respect. Nikon reserves the right to verify any information contained in your entry and/or your eligibility to enter the Contest.
    • The Contest is open to individuals who are residents of India and persons who are resident outside of India are not eligible. The Contest is open to individuals of age, 18 years or more. Participants may be required to provide proof of identity and proof of age, which should be able to demonstrate their stated age, to Nikon’s satisfaction.
    • Nikon reserves the right in its absolute discretion to disqualify any participant if it has reasonable grounds to believe that a participant has breached any of the Rules, any applicable law (including all applicable intellectual property laws) or has otherwise infringed the intellectual property of any other person. Each participant acknowledges and hereby agrees that any failure to comply with the Rules could lead to Nikon disqualifying that person, without Nikon giving any reasons for such disqualification or granting any opportunity for challenge.
    • Any person that is – [a] an employee of any company involved in the Contest (as an associate, agent, organizer or otherwise) including Nikon; or [b] a family member of such employee; is not eligible to enter the Contest. Nikon reserves the right to disqualify any person that it knows is, or has reasonable grounds to believe is, ineligible for the Contest as a result of this Rule.
    • In the event that a Prize-winner is disqualified from the Contest, Nikon will, unless otherwise stated in the Contest Terms, select an alternative Prize-winner and such selection shall be subject to the Rules.

Contest Participation

    • Participation must be made during the Contest opening and closing period and in the manner set out in Contest Terms. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
    • Users can create only a single entry as a part of the contest.
    • Unless otherwise set out in Contest Terms, Nikon accepts no responsibility for the return of any entries. However, without prejudice to other recourse, Nikon shall have the right to delete the entry from the website.


    • Prize-winners will be selected and notified in the manner set out in the Contest Terms. No prize will be awarded to a participant, who has committed any form of misconduct as determined by Nikon in its sole discretion.
    • Prizes shall be received within 90 days after details have been validated.
    • Prizes are non-transferable and there are no cash alternatives. In the event of a particular prize being unavailable for any reason, Nikon reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value, at any time.
    • Prizes must be accepted in the manner set out in Prize Notification. In the event that any Prize Notification is returned as undeliverable or any Prize-winner fails to validly reply to a Prize Notification within a period of 15 days, Nikon reserves the right to disqualify the Prize-winner and select an alternative Prize-winner in accordance with the Rules.

Contest TermsParticipation in this Program shall be construed as an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions stipulated herein and of any rules and regulations already announced.

    • Entries that are submitted before or after the Contest Period shall be disqualified. Submissions will be accepted for the duration of the Contest Period using the specified Contest Method
    • Nikon reserves the right to modify the contest dates.
    • Specified Contest Method:
    • The user needs to upload a picture of himself along with the person he would like to gift the camera to. A single picture will not be eligible
    • Prize-winner decision: A total of 3 winners will be announced at the end of the contest period.
    • Judging Criteria:
      • All ineligible videos shall be disqualified
      • The photo should have a valid reasoning as to why you want to ift a camera
      • The photo with the most number of likes will be decided as the winner

The following are the prizes to be won:

  • 1 grand winner: Nikon D750
  • 1 Runner up : D3400
EligibilityContest Ends
India ResidentsNA
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